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[GM] Notice Regarding a Fix on the Counter Set Description and Hero Recall [27]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2021.09.30 12:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 28247

Hello. This is Epic Seven.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience that may have occurred regarding the adjustments made to the Counter Set as well as the Hero Recall announced in the 9/30 Update Notice.

We deeply regret to have disappointed you with our shortcomings. We should have inspected and addressed these issues that have been occurring for a long time sooner. 

We would like to provide clarification on the recent fixes in this notice.

■ The issue where the description for the Counter Set Equipment indicated counterattack values lower than they are

Firstly, the Counter Set is one of the most crucial factors in gameplay and we truly apologize for the confusion that the issue may have caused.

During an Epic Seven data inspection, we had confirmed the issue where the counterattack value applied in the gameplay was 30% while the description specified it as 20%. Subsequently, we have conducted a large-scale inspection for further confirmation and found no additional issues requiring a fix. 

We understand your concern that there may possibly be further issues on other factors based on probability. We will take extra care in improving our internal inspection process and inform you of any issues confirmed during the process in order to prevent similar incidents and to provide a stable and reliable gaming experience. 

We would also like to clarify that no in-game probability factors have ever been adjusted without informing our players. We will do our best to provide a stable environment through continuous, not periodic, inspection. In addition, should anything requiring adjustment be found, we will inform you in as much detail as possible to avoid confusion.

We apologize once again for disappointing those who have placed their trust in and enjoyed Epic Seven.

■ Hero Recall

In addition to the recalled Heroes, Purrgis and Christy, many have expressed concerns about similar problems with other Heroes regarding counterattack skills such as Ken, Mort, and more.

After the issue was discovered, we have investigated all Heroes and Artifacts that affect counterattack probability, including Martial Artist Ken, Mort, Purrgis, Christy, Ains, Troublemaker Crozet, Specimen Sez, Rem, Elbris Ritual Sword, and so on.

Martial Artist Ken, Mort, Purrgis, Christy, and Ains have the same counterattack conditions as the Counter Set and only Purrgis and Christy's probability effects were added to the Counter Set probability effects. We have adjusted the system to calculate the values individually for the two Heroes. As a result, 4 Purrgis and 3 Christy benefiting from the effects of the Counter Set had lower final counterattack probabilities than those before the adjustments, so their recall was inevitable.

We sincerely apologize to those who love and support Epic Seven. We will take this opportunity to improve ourselves in order to prevent instances that may confuse and inconvenience players. We have prepared the following compensation and events as an apology.

■ Compensation and Events 

A. Compensation: 

- 2 Equipment Reforging Material Selection Chest 

- 15 Greater Equipment Charm

- 15 Greater Accessory Charm

B. Event Schedule: 

- Artena's Equipment Crafting Event

Round 1: 10/1 03:00 ~ 10/28 02:59:59 UTC 

(Please claim the crafted Equipment by 11/4 02:59:59 UTC)

Round 2: 11/25 after maintenance ~ 12/23 02:59:59 UTC  

(Please claim the crafted Equipment by 12/30 02:59:59 UTC)

- +50% Crafting Material Drop, +30% Gold in Hunt

Round 1: 10/1 03:00 ~ 10/5 02:59:59 UTC (For 4 days)

Round 2: 11/25 03:00 ~ 11/29 02:59:59 UTC (For 4 days)

- Free Unequip Event

10/1 03:00 ~ 10/11 02:59:59 UTC (For 10 days)

 Detailed information about the Events will be provided in a separate notice.

We will try our best to provide a reliable gaming experience.

Thank you.


댓글 27

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    2021.09.30 12:16 (UTC+0)

    BESTThank you SG for looking into other heroes with counter built into their kits and immediately investigating and testing other mechanics and effects.

  • images
    2021.09.30 12:33 (UTC+0)

    BEST8 days of hunt buff for 1 year of mental abuse in gw.  Deal!

  • images
    2021.09.30 12:36 (UTC+0)

    BESTDouble Artena event? Time to craft some pen-set pieces.

  • images
    2021.09.30 12:16 (UTC+0)

    Thank you SG for looking into other heroes with counter built into their kits and immediately investigating and testing other mechanics and effects.

  • images
    2021.09.30 12:33 (UTC+0)

    8 days of hunt buff for 1 year of mental abuse in gw.  Deal!

  • images
    2021.09.30 12:36 (UTC+0)

    Double Artena event? Time to craft some pen-set pieces.

  • images
    2021.09.30 13:00 (UTC+0)

    Check your 15% innate Effect Resistance as well.

    Also, f**king delete it while you're at it.

    Or, just release a new 4Star Artifact that anyone can wield, where it negates the ERes against Boss and Elite monsters. You have two perfectly compatible mechanics (ignore effres and boss/elite monster trigger). Just combine them in a universal Artifact.

    Consider that a suggestion. Not only to make our lives easier, but to make your game more consistent.

    • images
      2021.09.30 13:08 (UTC+0)

      Well it has been described in Ingame Help that the Max Effectiveness that can be attain minus(-)Effect Resistance is only 85% so yea, if it will be removed then the RNG mechanic will be vanished in a thin air forever...

    • images
      2021.09.30 20:54 (UTC+0)

      This is a crazy idea but you could actually read the post.  Another crazy idea is to be informed of whats going on.  They already addressed 15% in the game.  Crazy idea i know

  • images
    2021.09.30 13:15 (UTC+0)

    So, as a form of 'apology' you give us hunt events so you can make even more money from burning through Liefs and Skystones...
    Oh, of course those nuts 20 Liefs as compensation will get us about, I don't know an hour worth farming...

    This compensation should ACKNOWLEDGE the THREE YEARS of wrong info about the Counter Sets and so THREE YEARS of farming!

    Me personally still would've farmed Wyvern, but many probably would've jumped the Banshee train way earlier if they knew it was 30% instead of 20% (its just such a significant difference!).

    So you guys at SG should compensate ACCORDINGLY and not only 20 frigging Liefs (you know what, we could get 20 Liefs from the Amazon Prime event login, just as a comparison).

    Come up with something better and do not offend most of the players with 20 slaps in the face...

    Disclaimer: This is just my honest opinion on that matter. Anyone should have their own opinion.

    • images
      2021.09.30 20:44 (UTC+0)

      I think many people jumped into banshee train early because many units have their best gear set as counter. Resist was also really good compared to hp and def set which are all stats tanks want to have. Life is also really good on some units. Also, hunt events aren't there to make money and I am the player base benefits from it more. Just my opinion, but u can flame me if u want. 

    • images
      2021.10.01 10:48 (UTC+0)

      Your opinion is idiotic.

      Disclaimer: This is just my honest opinion on that matter. Anyone should have their own opinion.

  • images
    2021.09.30 13:27 (UTC+0)

    Yeah going to say as veteran you keep missing the mark here. We don't need in game crap. We need a well built game that we supported for 3 years. 

  • images
    2021.09.30 13:34 (UTC+0)

    now this is nice

    probably one of best events in 2021

  • images
    2021.09.30 14:26 (UTC+0)

    First off, i think you did a great job handling this issue and i have no complaints about the counter set typo, not even prior to this notice

    However, why after your large scale inspection and you still fail to notice the wrong tooltip for rosa hargana? Its 25% atk increase not 30% as indicated in tooltip

    • images
      2021.09.30 19:35 (UTC+0)

      Rosa is already fixed

  • images
    2021.09.30 14:55 (UTC+0)

    You sure its 30% and not 90%? 

    • images
      2021.09.30 17:22 (UTC+0)

      It's 90 when it's the enemy who's countering... 

    • images
      2021.10.01 03:37 (UTC+0)

      100% on enemy luck, and 0% on team luck

  • images
    2021.09.30 15:43 (UTC+0)

    Thank you for being so straightforward and transparent about this issue. Also, this event is well received, so double the thanks. 

  • images
    2021.09.30 16:11 (UTC+0)

    Although the frustration of getting smashed by counter set heroes rng and screaming "is definitely not 20%" only to be proven right after 3 years might makes me feel like is not enough, but I understand that I probably will never feel like is enough so I'll just give my thanks here and let it go. Thanks for the hard work and the compensation! 

  • images
    2021.09.30 21:44 (UTC+0)

    So yeah, this is what community been waiting for, and im not talking about freebies you slide in here

  • images
    2021.09.30 22:10 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for being honest with the findings. I value honesty more than anything and I hope others would too. Everyone makes mistakes. What's matters if they own up to it.

  • images
    2021.10.01 02:31 (UTC+0)

    Hi SG can you also look up on chqrles counter then s2. I find it very annoying thqt def chqrles always procs s2 then most of us doesnt do well on offense. Btw thanks for the rewards.

  • images
    2021.10.01 03:36 (UTC+0)

    Give some buff event but no leif, im here so desperate

  • images
    2021.10.01 04:27 (UTC+0)

    thank you for ur hard work!!

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