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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / dallla / Floor 120]

Like many of the 111-120 Floors, Tama, Kitty, Ras is super helpful here.

Either Taranor Guard or Landy as your DPS here. I tried with Taranor, but felt my healing lacked a little, so I switched to Bloodstone Rage Landy.

Ras on 85 Effectiveness - Cecilia Arti is nice for extra sustain and buffs against Straze S3. Otherwise any general mit (EXCEPT AURIUS)

Kitty Tanky, 85 Effectiveness, and as fast as you can get her. Restrict EE is super helpful for the crystal adds so they don't continuously CR push.

Tama because Tama. Run with Magahara Tome

Can potentially run Camilla for Kitty if you do not have her - 85 Effectiveness. But considering that Ras Kitty Tama can be used for basically 8 of the last 10 floors, you should really invest!

Comps used for all floors.

111 - DPS: Schuri (Bloodstone) + ALots (SB) Lots (Tome)  Kitty (Warhorn)

112 - DPS: Schuri (Bloodstone) + ALots (SB) Emilia (Tome)  Kitty

113 - DPS: Taranor Guard + Ras Kitty Tama

114 - DPS: Landy (Bloodstone) + Tama Ise Slow Kluri (Mort, Broccoli Armin, Any earth mit really works here)

115 - DPS Lidica (Bloodstone) + Singe (Warhorn) Kitty (Watergun) Ras

116 - DPS: ** + Ras Kitty Singe/Tama - Personally found singe was more reliable because Tama AOE kept pushing Elena.

117 - DPS: Landy (Bloodstone) + Kitty Ras Tama 

118 - Same

119 - Same but ** instead of Landy

120 - Same but Landy instead of **

All done with a +15 Bloodstone, +15 Warhorn, +18 Watergun, +24 Spirits Breath. Kitty 5*.

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