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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Pinar / Floor 120]

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[Abyss] [Global / Pinar / Floor 120]

Team Strategy : Ras / Tamarine / Kitty Classira / Landy

Stat :

_ Ras : As much bulk as possible ( around 27k HP and 1k8 Def ) with a decent Speed ( 220 or so ) and 85 effective with any Artifacts except Aurius cause You dont wanna he die soon

_ Tama : The same as Ras. Make her as much tanky as possible and 85 effective too with Potion Artifact would help a lot.

_ Landy : If you use rage set then put Bloodstone artifact on her. If you dont have rage set, you can use lifesteal set with Daydream Joker artifact. The stat is around 4000k Attack, 100 critical chance and 300 critical damage and a bit HP and Defense so she wont die easily. The speed doesn't matter ( I guess)

_ Kitty Classira : Also 85 effective for the S2 if you use her EE for S2 to restrict the adds in phrase 2 or else just need as much bulky as possible. The speed need around 270 or more, I think.

When you have those stat already, the rest is easily. Just go in and you will know what to do. But also need a bit lucky too. 

Last but not least, dont use soul for arky, always save for SB Ras S2, kill the mobs first and  avoid using non-attack skill when you see the curse effect on your heroes.

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