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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / transcend103 / 101]

  • RANK70
  • transcend103
  • 2021.09.23 02:46 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 51

1- Best to clear during free unequip events, when you can move your best gear and appropriate artifacts onto the heroes that give you the best chance to clear each floor.

2- Don't be afraid to purify, the rewards are not going anywhere, do not let the difficultly tilt or frustrate you.  

3- "Statistics" button on each floor will give you a general idea which heroes work best.

4- "Boss guide" button that's on the team selection page of each floor will explain the mechanics utilized by that floors' boss, which is worth short read considering how long each clear can take.

5- If you feel you need specialized advise, visit the #guidance-grounds on e7's official discord and ask politely.

Good luck and may RNGeesus be on your side.

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