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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / KalebWizz / 120]

A very good team to pass the 120th floor is the team: Tamarine, Ras Adventurer, K. Clarissa and Taranor Soldier.
This team is based on CR focusing all damage on Taranor. You must equip it as follows:

Taranor: it should have as much damage as possible, it doesn't need to be fast because every time it makes a double attack it will pull the group and itself. I used the critical damage set along with the critical hit as equipment. As an artifact I used the Victory Flag.

Tamarine: needs at least 200 speed, 15k hp and as an artifact I used Magaraha Tome.

Ras: Make it with at least 21k hp, 1300 defense and in the ring use the efficiency ring and speed boot, a good speed is around 210.

K. Clarissa: Clarissa needs to be very fast the faster the better, can have 230 speed, hp necklace and efficiency ring and speed boot, the artifact I used was proof of bravery that will greatly mitigate the damage you take

The strategy at the beginning of the fight against Straze is to attack him and ignore the adds for now. After his first attack you should focus on 1 of the adds as if you have noticed the 2 adds have the same attack bar progression then if both use S3 in a row that will be a problem. Make one of them be late, the easiest way to do this is to take all his hp, when that happens he will be stunned for 1 turn. This should be done when his S3 is the next attack. After you've done that it's time to focus on Straze again. Whenever the boss buffs himself you can try to remove all buffs using K. Clarissa's S2. When he reaches 40% he will change form and will use his S3 as soon as that happens so be careful, when he gets close to 40% HP you have to ensure that your team is at maximum health possible. After that ignore the adds altogether and focus only on him and if you're not unlucky you will win.

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