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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Europe / magiciangirl / 119]

For 119 need soul weaver with short skill cooldown

Unit i use: Landy (A SYMBOL OF UNITY ), Tamarinne (WONDROUS POTION VIAL), ras (AURIUS), emilia(Magaraha's Tome)

Stage 1

- Kill boss and get soul 

Stage 2

- Boss grants stackable increased attack and speed at start of his turn so kill him as fast as possible also don't hold more than 20 soul

- Just attack boss and kill 3 wandering punisher in one turn, save tama and emilia s3 when boss near 70% and 40% health

- When health is 70% or 40% he will do AOE and remove 20 soul, kill all Wandering punisher and summon 3 Lich 

- Use tama and emilia skill to kill 3 Lich fast and focus on boss 

- And repeat until the boss is killed

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