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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global /HugeDicEnrgy / 114]

A very easy stage

Dont waste your time with Er shenanigans , you  can brute force and clear this stage with Tamarrine , Iseria , Landy and Falconer .


1. You want iseria to be as fast as possible(mine was 280)  with effectivenss. Song of stars would be the best in slot

2.Tam should be 10 or more speed slower on tome, no need to go for er or effectiveness , just focus on hp and speed 

3. Falconer will be on  aurius make sure she's  as fat as possible . She needs over 200speed and some effectiveness , the rest can go into heft

 4.Tank stats on landy are completely irrelevant and actually reduce the chances of success, you want her to be fast high dmg and on bloodstone.. You dont want the stage to drag on unnecessarily. , The less dmg landy does , the riskier your comp becomes , Tam and bloodstone is enough to keep your team topped off . My Landy was 220 speed , 3400k atk and 300critdmg.


Use your skills freely but dont use souls. Dont stall , just use Tam iseria , and kill the mobs quickly . Provided you arent dirt slow, you will comfortably outheal the dmg from poisons and can for the most part  kill all the mobs before they detonate.

Stage 2

Continue the tam iseria strategy , soulburn landy whenever you have the chance. When baal is about to s3 , hit the barrier mob . Baal only managed to do his s3 once on my run. His additional attack is largely meaningless because you can instantly heal off that damage .

Enjoy , Please dont waste you time on Er nonsense , or an all green team , its slower , inefficient and leaves you vulnerable to rng .

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