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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Porridjo / 114]

  • Rayure
  • 2021.09.21 09:27 (UTC+0)
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Floor 114 has the most interesting mechanics among the newest. Unlike other floors, this one is not a gear check. As long as you understand how this floor works, it is easy to clear. Let's review some of the core mechanics of each phase.

Phase 1:

- This phase punishes bringing non-earth elemental heroes by inflicting them 3 undispellable poison debuffs and reducing their effect resistance. So we naturally want to bring a full earth elemental team.

- We get a poison debuff everytime we attack the slime. A cleanse unit is therefore needed.

- Slimes' s3 will detonate all poison debuffs on their target. If an ally has too many poison debuffs, use your cleanse before the detonation. Otherwise, you can usually tank it.

- The big slime will split up into 3 smaller slimes after being killed. Those slimes have the same mechanics.

Phase 2:
- The most important mechanic of ML Baal is linked to his S3. It applies different effects depending on the icon below his health bar.
It could either:
1) Reduce an ally's hp bar to 80%.
2) Reduce an ally's hp bar to 100%
3) Stun everyone for 2 turns, ignoring effect resistance.

To protect yourself, there are drones on the field. Killing them (usually one hit) will grant a buff and a debuff.
The green drone will provide a revive buff at the cost of being defense broken.
The red drone will provide a shield buff at the cost of being unable to be buffed.
The blue drone will provide an immunity buff at the cost of being unable to be healed.

When ML Baal is about to S3, it is very important to keep track of your CR bar and the effect on his S3 (face icon below his hp bar). Because the buffs provided by drones only last for 1 turn, we want our last unit before ML baal s3s to kill the according drone. For ML Baal's s3 with effect 1) and 2), we want to kill the green drone and get the revive buff. For his s3 with effect 3), we want to kill the blue drone to get the immunity buff.

Immediately after his S3, we want to hit the red drone to give us a shield. It will give us time to heal back before the next S3.

- He will AoE counter after being attacked 6 times.

- He dispels one debuff at the end of his turn. If you bring a defense breaker with a long cooldown, make sure you don't use it just before ML Baal moves.

Recommended team:
I had an easy time with the following team:

- Landy. She provides speed buff and healing with bloodstone
- Falconer Kluri. She provides passive healing and defense break
- Destina. She provides team cleanse and healing. Her S1 soulburn helps a lot too when her S3 is unavailable.
- Mercenary Helga. She provides CR push for Landy and defense break.

Falconer Kluri should be on the front position.
Destina and Mercenary Helga can be used level 50. However, make sure Helga is bulky enough.


Destina: 200 speed, 150 ER, rest in hp. S1 cleanse exclusive equipment. Guardian ice crystal artifact.
Landy: 200 speed, at least 13k hp, 3.5k atk and 260 cdmg should be enough. Bloodstone artifact.
Mercenary Helga: 250 speed, 18k hp, 1.4k defense, 85% effectiveness. Border coin artifact
Falconer Kluri: 200 speed, 20k hp, 1.2k defense, 110% effect resistance, 85% effectiveness. Justice for all or aurius artifact.
I used this weird kluri build, but you might not need effect resistance on her. You can increase her hp and def instead.

That's all you need to know. I hope you'll all be able to clear this floor.

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