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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[ABYSS] Global / ImperialMino / Floor 120

Here’s how to clear it easily with Taranor Guard, Kitty, Tamarine, and Adventure Ras

0/ Make sure every unit has 85% eff. Eff res doesn’t matter. ** no speed full dps

1/ First wave, kill the mobs to stack up soul then proceed to kill Lilibet. You can kill lilibet directly if your team is strong enough.

2/ Hit the 2 ads. Make them live at around 10% hp (don’t kill them)

2.5/ Never ever use Tamarinne non-attack skills 2x in a row. Make sure to S3 then S1

3/ Focus down the boss

4/ Before straze ults, hits one of the mob to stun them so you don’t eat all nukes at once

5/ When straze transforms to fastus, make sure to dispels buffs on him.

6/ Focus fastus down and win! 

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