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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Asia / Omegaboy122 / 120]

For 120

Unit use: landy (on bloodstone), tama (on rod, 100 eff), ras (on warhorn, 100 eff), kitty (on dunderal, also 100 eff) 

Stage 1

- lilibet ulti will deal extra 50% hp damage, so just keep everybody healthy (will be easy through kitty, tama, and landy) 

Stage 2

- stretz will use a curse on any unit who use non atk skill. If the cursed unit use non atk skill, all of your unit buff will be erased and all unit will be stunned for 1 turn. The only unit that will affect by this curse will be tama, as you can't use s3>s2 combo. (can use s3>s1, then same s2 for next turn) 

- after 60% damage, stretz will get a turn, use ultimate on you and transform into dark version. He will randomly get annoying anti crit buff, which can be stripped . At this point, kitty s2, ras s1 and tama s1(after transform) will be very handy. 

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