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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / TotyEtero / 113]

Team: Luna, Cerise, Emilia, Elena.

I used Luna instead of SSB and  to help others:

1. If you Bring Luna you have WAY more dmg but LESS DEBUFFS

2. Wave 1 cake walk you can stall the carbuncle to farm souls to luna

3. Fire Siblings, here i failed 2 times because i tried to debufs a soon as possible if cerise, DON'T DO IT, just S2 (SB if possible) then S3 right before khawazu S2

4. I had the worst outcome 2 times in a row , he summons a fire add and khawana goes greater buffs, DON'T PANIC, JUST S3 or (SB) Luna S1 (clear the nullifier as soons as possible.

Tip1: Cerise 100% CC is important you can cerise s2 khawazu -> emilia s2  on cerise-> s3 cerise to garantee the cycle to 3 debuffs on khawazu (15% excluded)

Tip2: about 6-7 SB S1 Luna Kills khawazu if he has defense break (similar jttai stats)Tip3 remember if luna kills someone with s3 she gains 10 souls

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