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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Moriyaism / 115]

  • Boriyaism
  • 2021.09.20 03:48 (UTC+0)
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General Tips:
LQC takes more damage the higher her CR is. Although her 20% counter can add a layer of RNG, you can try to speed tune your team so that your DPS goes when LQC has a high amount of CR to maximize damage. Or you can just spam CR pushback to try to get as many turns in as possible. One big thing to note is that LQC will do more and more damage each time she attacks. So you are on a time limit for this floor. On the other hand, she also deals less damage the lower her hp is, so if you deal enough damage you can potentially survive a third attack. When your supports have a dead turn (no dual attack), hit the crystal instead of LQC. Make sure to enter wave 2 with important cooldowns available. Build the main damage unit slow with as much damage as possible (and ideally rage) with DDJ.

Team comps:

Specter Tenebria, Adventurer Ras, Tamarinne, Dizzy (Farm souls wave 1, if Atk Down doesn't land on the final explosion then use ARas S3 to survive. When STene moves right before LQC's first turn, spam soul burn S1 and finish with S3. Team can be rng due to ARas low def break rate and wave 1, while easy, takes a long time to clear.)

Top Model Luluca, Iseria, Tamarinne, Lidica (Kill wave 1 with Top Model S3 to apply extinction. Use Iseria S2 on Lidica when necessary to pushback LQC.)

Lidica, Adventurer Ras, Kitty Clarissa, Sinful Angelica (Kill wave 1 while Singelica has immortality. This comp ignores the CR mechanic I mentioned earlier in favor of just constantly pushing back LQC. However this means the comp will generally do little damage. Highly susceptible to 15%.)

Arbiter Vildred, Adventurer Ras, Kitty Clarissa, Sinful Angelica (Same as the team above but switch Lidica for Arby.)

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