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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Aspct / 100]


SSB: Splash, unhealable, sub-heals, def break, target ;
Set:  Life steal / Crit  Chance ;; Arti:  Bloodstone

*69% Eff gave me decent chances of debuffing. Don't need any other crazy stats. Also paired with Abyss 88 Life steal set

Tama: 226 Spd to cycle Pot, push and strip during A.Ravi phase ;
Set: Spd / Hp * ;; Arti: Wondrous Potion Vial +30

*Only have 24% eff, but the strips still manage to hit A.Ravi more than 50% of the time.

**S1 priority during A.Ravi phase to strip crit-res buff. S2 priority when units are under 50% health

***Side note: If you didn't pull Tama during this current banner feels bad bro.

Ravi: DPS bruiser mainly to deal with A.Ravi phase (replaceable with any other dps) e.g. Landy
Set: Counter/Crit Chance ;; Arti: Timeless Anchor +30

*Ravi shined during A.Ravi phase with adds. Eating the adds perma un-buffable and silence until mobs are cleared, she'll be a counter life stealing bot until then
**S3 is also useful against the adds since she can stun

Furious: Only here to de-buff. Pretty self explanatory
Set: Speed/Hit ;; Arti:  Warhorn +27

*Warhorn helps Furious cycle even faster to upkeep team's crit chance during A.Ravi phase.

**High up-time on crit chance and def break

Guardian: Arky -- Incase your team doesn't have enough buffs for Wyvern phase Arky will help with that issue preventing Wyverns S3 from hitting hard

*Also helpful during A.Ravi phase since you need a good amount of crit chance

//Stage 1:  DPS the boss only. Ignore adds. Pretty simple otherwise feel the wrath of his S3

//Stage 2: A.Ravi :: Auto once to proc Wyvern fight

//Stage 2: Wyvern :: Watch out for s3 on Wyvern otherwise it's easier than W13. Arky on shields / before Wyvern S3

There will be multiple times Wyvern will aoe for a ton of damage so make sure your healer is prepared/def buff up.

My team was more than tanky enough to take Wyverns aoe a couple times, but Wyvern will one shot most teams if S3 is used while your team is un-buffed (1 or less buffs)

//Stage 2: A.Ravi cont. :: Summons 2 adds after Wyvern phase focus one that specifically hurts your comp. (Purple for me)
--Purple :: Silence and reduce CR push
--Yellow :: Unbuffable and reduces your healing

Continue killing adds and splashing A.Ravi. When there are no more mobs focus A.Ravi

After adds are killed she'll summon stronger versions of the adds when S3 is used continue killing and splashing A.Ravi

Repeat process. Kill adds > Focus A.Ravi > Summons adds

*If possible you may want to avoid splashing A.Ravi during her Crit Res buff, but my SSB managed to crit most of the time.

**My Ravi pretty much ate the silences and unbuffable, but it didn't matter since she has high crit chance and is a heal bot when A.Ravi provokes her (Kill adds to remove unbuffable and silence)

***A.Ravi S3 only revives 1 add at a time
//Side Notes::
Strongly suggest crit buffer or have 100% crit on dps during A.Ravi phase otherwise she'll get continuous healing (~36k heals)
(Or just pray RNGesus you crit every time) every five non-crits will proc cont. healing

** Strongly suggest a strip/unhealable if you don't have Tama to strip crit res (ref to * )

e.g. Iseria/A Ras (Although I did have terrible luck dispelling with s1)

*** Try to maintain buffs otherwise A.Ravi passive reduces hit chance

Edit 1:  Added Artis and gear sets
Edit 2: Minor details

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