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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] Global / Taeyeon4ever / 115

I have finished 120 but chose this picture. 115 the hated RNG LQC

1- rush the mushroom and and extinct everything, youhave the option of going for 1 little one before going for the big main one

2 - save your lidicas and wsilks s3

3 - take turns with lid and silk on s3 when pushing back lqc

4 - have at least 85% eff on both lid and silk

5 -if little dmg hit the crystal as you want as little chance for lqc to counter attack

6 - pray 

singelica - 240 speed celestine

luna - 150 pure damage symbol/ddj

lidica - 250 bloodstone 

wsilk - 280 confile 

(all can be slower)

the floor is easier than some other floors so good luck! jokes

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