Epic Seven


Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Nendor / 101]


1. Tank, preferably Falconer Kluri for safer runs with S3 as backup buff dispeller

2. Tamarinne for heals, cleanse, combat readiness push

3. Iseria as main buff dispeller, apply unbuffable, and skill cooldown reset for Tamarinne

4. Kiris as main damage dealer via poisons (Specter Tenebria may also work at lower success rate)

Phase 1:

1. Kiris S3 -> S1 -> S2 to kill the boss

2. Dispel boss barrier with Iseria S3, applying unbuffable to prevent boss from casting barrier again

3. Must kill boss before it goes berserk as that will make phase 2 much harder

Phase 2:

1. Kiris S3 -> S1 -> S2 to kill the boss

2. When Furious applies buffs, dispel them immediately. Using attacks that hit all enemies is dangerous if they are buffed.

3. When Furious applies skill nullifier, avoid non-AOE attacks. Using Arky can help.

Hopefully with some good luck you will be able to clear this floor.

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