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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Asia/Ataldazar/110F]

on the start of the fight , silver blade Aramintha will have 3 adds , attack one randomly , if it didn't stun the others , repeat battle :/ RNG , GL

if you succeeded , do not use cooldowns , only soul burn A.ras S2 until she really begins the fight and summon two adds.

its all about this CR manipulation combo , Always attack the adds for a couple of times to make them sleep and remove immunity from boss , then nuke her , adds will wake up after a period, , attack them again & put them to sleep.

** : 3.5 attack , 0 speed , 100CC , 320 CD

Kitty :(Warhorn Artifact) 230+ speed +100% ER

Achates: (Tome Artifact) 210 speed , 150%+ ER

A.Ras: (Aurious Artifact)  regular abyss ras --->210+speed , 80% eff , a bit tanky

Could work with Tamarinne 250+ speed instead of achates , and singelica ---> Kitty

**Note**: You can Use Taranor G , A.Ras , Kitty combo, for almost 80% of the floors

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