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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Buryoku / 105]


This comp is NOT RECOMMENDED by the author unless you're struggling for ideas!

This comp relies on limited units, limited artifact and specific artifact combinations, an ML4, good gear and obscene RNG. 

If you don't have any of these please stop right now because it won't help you beat this stage.

Team composition

T.Surin (Frontline tank)

- Dust devil for extra damage and bleed chance on S1 if it procs. Can be helpful in P2 when one of the mob dispels

- Standard PVP build on Lifesteal set, no HP, high damage and moderate speed

- She needs to be in front to tank P1 boss's high damage skill. Also before this happens make sure she has >50% HP!


- Fastest character on the team

- High eff, BBK has 75% resist. Somewhere above that number should be good.

- Abyssal crown is important here. You'll need it for P1 boss, and to help stun the mobs in P2.


- Ms. Confile, much damage as you can and moderately fast

- Some effectiveness required for Ms. Confile, enough to debuff BBK when it procs


- Bloodstone artifact to heal the team

- As much damage as possible to heal back using Bloodstone, and moderately fast to rotate S3 with Landy

- No effectiveness required

Phase 1

- Kill adds as fast as possible

- Always debuff using Dizzy

- Save your S3s for all characters before moving to P2 otherwise it will be hard

Phase 2

- T.Surin needs to initiate with S3 to land unbuffable and silence on mobs. This will help you put blanket of debuffs so it has less chance to dispel speed debuff from Dizzy.

- The general strategy here is to speed, blind and attack down debuff on BBK. Also rotating S3 speed buff from Landy and Kanna while bombing everyone as much as possible. This will make you move faster than the opposing team to allow more opportunities to deal damage, debuff and secure a kill.

- Kill the top left mob ASAP, after this you can ignore the right mob and focus BBK

Soul burning

- Soul burn Landy to S1 to trigger Ms. Confile chance

- Soul burn Dizzy to take an extra turn to reduce CD if / when needed

- Landy soul burn is always a priority unless the enemy is going to lap your defence break or it's already up. Use your best judgement here.

Final notes

- This floor is heavily dependent on RNG so it might take a couple of tries

- You can subtitute T.Surin for Arby but beware he shares debuff with Dizzy on S3 so the mobs have a higher chance to dispel speed debuff.

Again I must stress I would NOT RECOMMEND this comp unless you have good gear and luck. As you can see I barely scrapped through. Please look at Cerise, Landy, Dizzy and Arby comp instead. The only reason why I didn't use the recommended comp is because I don't have Cerise.

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