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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

All you need is slow down

[Abyss] [Europe/Skynight/120 tips. 

To completed the 120 floor with no Rng. My team is : Iseria, Tamarine, Adventer Ras, and Landy. 

Artifact : tamarine with Rod of malanaris, ise with Song of star, Landy with Bloodstone and A.Ras with Rise of monarch

Phase 1 : you kill all the mobs and then kill the boss, make sure you collect as much as soul as you can before going to phase 2 and all skill is ready for phase 2. One importance that you need use s2 A.ras before go to Phase 2 cause it supply immunity for Landy ( Phase 2 in the first start the boss and 2 mobs will take first turn and put defbreak, other debuffed on you team, so that you need imunity for landy, soul burn A.ras in this case)

Phase 2 : all you need to do is make enough dmg to boss to his hp go to 40%. Always soulburn A.ras to protect landy with imunity. 2 strong things that : you need to make 1-2 mobs get stun before The boss use his ultimate skill (reduces %80hp) and have to always get the status of boss become sad face or you dont want to make huge dmg.

+ 40% boss hp: now the game begin. I lose alot in this period. So make sure you do the step behind:

- make sure the boss never get the attack buff. Its ok with other buff but with attack buff he will do insane damage.

- if you can defbreak boss , make more damage with your landy. Its also depend on your team hp. If your team low hp you should attack 2 mobs and get them ready to stun

 - your Iseria have to ready for  skill 3 to remove the boss buff - sepcial witj attack buff. If she hasnt ready yet, attack 2 mobs.

- Caml down, take process slowly if you want to kill him.

Thats all for my tips. Have fun with Albys 120 floor. Thanks for reading.

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