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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / xBlackhero / 120]

First, If you already beat 100-110, don't be scared for 110-120 is easier by far.

Floor 120, is pretty doable with one of the more consistent teams for PvE:
Taranor Guard Comp:
Taranor Guard as dps.
Adventurer Ras as Aurius holder
Tamarinne as Healer.
Kitty Clarissa as Cleanser/Enable for Tananor Guard and sub healer with the new EE.

Remember you need at least 85% effectiveness on your units for def breaks and strips.

In phase 1, try to save souls for the more duals attacks with Ras in phase 2.
In phase 2, don't use no attack skills more than 1 per turn, if you do that all your team gonna be stun for 1 turn and costs you the run.Only focus on the boss and his cooldowns, if you constantly do def breaks and strips the critical hit resistance buff, you pretty much gonna easily beat this floor.

Good luck all.

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