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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / TopUpMorning / 120]

When doing abyss 120, you should run Taranor Guard (5 Star would do) just make sure he has your best dps gear, speed is not needed. Make sure your Tamarinne and Kitty are 85 effectiveness, along with adventurer ras. If you want you can also have more crit chance into the 3 supports, but I recommend only on kitty, because it'll drastically drop the survivability of your team. You can ignore the minions on wave 2, just hit straze / fastus. Make sure you strip all his buffs, as they provide him with protection, and also boosts his combat readiness. Control his buffs, and manage his passive (when you dont get crits) to survive his initial hits. 2 Non attack skills by the same unit in a row is a big NO NO. So if you use tamarinne idol form, go for s1. You will get wiped if you use 2 non atk in a row. But you can use 2 different units non atk skills in a row (Kitty s3 into tam s2 / idol). Good luck heirs.

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