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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / RockmanEXE / 100]

I recommend bringing 2 damage dealers one healer and one tank. You want to have 100% crit. chance on your damage dealers and tank otherwise A.Ravi will give herself self heal buff. For the first fight kill the Lich before he uses his special or you will die. For the wyvern you want to have 2 buffs minimum before he uses his special or you will take lots of damage. For A.Ravi fight kill the Caides and Symaqus first then focus the A.Ravi before she revives them. The team I used was Commander Lorina, SSB, Tamarine and Adventurer Ras. I focused A.Ravi when ever SSB defense broke her even if the Caides were alive because my gear and damage were not the best. It took a lot of tries but it's doable. 

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