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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / ulexitea / Floor 115]

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This floor is one of the harder floors to do out of the 10 new ones we got recently.

If you have Fire Lidica, it makes this floor a bit more manageable.

I used a team of Adventurer Ras, Sinful Angelica, Kitty Clarissa and Lidica.

Wave 1;

This floor has exploding mushrooms you should have seen in previous floors. Their explosions do massive amounts of damage and if you hit them the get faster. On top of that, the revive up to 3 times when the die, so you can't just rush past this wave like other stages. The second wave is also a DPS check of sorts so you can't tank your way through.

Since the big mushroom will remove 20 souls from you when it dies, there is not much point in trying to farm souls on this wave.

As the guide in game states, having extinction can save you the trouble of having to having to kill the boss 3 times over. The boss also gains increased attack and health each time it revives so it will probably wipe your team pretty quickly while also getting harder to kill.

I highly recommend Sinful Angelica here, since she provides an extinction effect on her passive, while also healing your team when the mushrooms explode. She also helps with the second wave, providing dual attacks with your DPS. The thing to remember when using Sinful Angelica is that if the boss dies from its explosion, it will remove your entire teams buff, ignoring effect resistance, so it will revive normally if you don't kill it yourself.

Other than tat, having some bulk on your DPS as well as some form of damage reduction, like Aurius, is going to help you survive the explosions.

Wave 2;

At the start of the battle, the Gold Klineode will inflict seal and restrict on your entire team, so you can't abuse CR push to get your turns. It will also attack your highest attack unit, inflicting them with decrease hit chance, so having immunity on your DPS is crucial. This attack also removes 4 souls so it can affect your timing if you rely on soulburns too much. A.Ras can keep constant immunity on your DPS while dual attacking with soulburn S2. This monster also has an undispellable immunity on it so you can't lock it down with stuns, sleeps and CR decreases. 

Now the boss, Little Queen Charlotte.

As with all the other new floors, damage proportional to targets max health doesn't work so DDJ is relatively useless on this floor as well.

LQC has an attack which gets progressively more powerful the more she uses it and by her fourth turn will wipe your team and be the end of your run. She also gains CR every time you end your turn. Luckily, she is really slow so you can abuse that with units that reduce CR.

Another annoying part of this fight is her innate 20% to counter attack, which also pushes her CR. This is the most RNG part of this floor so if you get unlucky you might have to retry. Again, the bulk you have on your DPS might help reduce the RNG a bit and make it easier to clear. Whenever you aren't going to decrease LQC's CR you want to attack the Gold Klineode to avoid being counter attacked.

LQC dispells all debuffs on her at the start of her turn so you will have to constantly reapply whatever debuffs you need every time she taks her turn. She also strips one buff from your team every time she takes a turn, so you have to be careful she doesn't remove a buff you need to survive her attack. Having a lot of buffs can help keep the buff you want.

LQC has a unique passive which greatly reduces her damage taken. However, she takes more damage the closer her CR is to 100%, so your have to either burst her down when her CR is around 70 or more, or try to maintain her CR around the zone.

This stage is a DPS check to burst down LQC before her fourth turn, so if your units aren't doing enough damage you may want to work on getting better gear or promoting heroes to 6 star before you attempt this again.


There aren't many different teams that will work on this stage and might be rather difficult without certain units.

DPS: for your main DPS unit you want someone with a CR decrease on their S1. The units that come to mind are Lidica and Arbiter Vildred. The reason why you want a CR decrease on specifically on S1 is because LQC will counter on whoever is taking the turn, not the unit that triggers it, meaning dual attacks will be your best way to deal damage while keeping your DPS safe from counters. So you want a consistent CR decrease while avoiding attacking LQC as often as possible.

Other units with decrease CR on S1 are All-Rounder Wanda, Nemunas, Romann and Silk, however these units only reduce CR by up to 10% while also lacking the damage Arbiter Vildred can deal. Benevolent Romann also has a CR reduction on his S1 however it is really inconsistent.

Lidica is the best choice since her S1 reduces CR by up to 30% if the conditions are met (she is equipped with her exclusive equipment, which increases CR reduction by 5%, and the target is debuffed). Her S3 also reduces the targets CR by 100%, effectively making them lose their turn, while also decreasing their speed, helping you cycle your turns faster. This also gives you skill nullifier, giving you a safety net in case you get unlucky with LQC counters.

You want to avoid using DPS units that rely on CR pushes, like Taranor Guard, and units that rely on their passives for damage, like Landy.

Extinction units: there aren't many units that have extinction in their kit, and of them Sinful Angelica is the best choice. She provides your team with attack and speed buff as well as dual attacks with your DPS. Her S3 giving her immortality allows you to focus more on her speed and effect resistance instead of her bulk. She also provides somewhat healing if you equip her with Celestine. 

If you don't have Sinful Angelica then your choices are Glenn (who is the most accessable), Sigret (which most people have for their Wyvern team), Lilibet, Specimen Sez and Top Model Luluca, whch are all DPS units that lack healing and/or CR decrease so their utility is really limited outside of their extinction on their S3's.

The rest of your team should try to fill in gaps to make your run more consistent. 

A.Ras provides a valuable defense break on his S2 and, as a knight, can carry Aurius to help the rest of your team survive. He also has a defense buff for your team and a heal for himself on his S3, which can help reduce the burden on your healer if you can't survive the oncoming damage. However, he is very soul-hungry so you need someone to constantly generate souls for him to work well.

This is where Kitty Clarissa comes in handy. Kitty Clarissa has an almost 100% uptime on her dual attack procs since all her dual attacks need is her unique buff, which is undispellable so you don't have to worry about LQC removing it when she takes her turn. Kitty Clarissa S3 generates 2 souls and grants her an extra turn, allowing her to dual attack and generate more souls for A.Ras to soulburn.

Tamarinne could be useful, however since her CR push on her Idol Form S2 is negated in wave 2, she does lose a lot of utility. Her healing could still be very helpful, while providing attack buff and dual attacks in her Idol Form.

The new 3 star, Camilla looks like she could be useful on this stage as she provides attack buff, defense break and dual attacks. Her S3 also provides her with additional bulk if it is off cooldown so she can have lower gear requirements in terms of bulk. Just don't use her S3 unless she's about to die and can get a kill. The CR push on her S2 is also useless on wave 2 but it provides herself and your DPS with attack buff, while giving herself skill nullifier, helping her survive. She can be used as an alternative or partner to A.Ras, though I don't know if she generates enough souls to help A.Ras soulburn consistantly. Unfortunately, I don't have her so I can't test her out.

Lots and his Moonlight counterpart are NOT good picks since they rely on CR pushing to get your DPS their turn, which is completely useless on wave 2.


You want to build effectiveness on your DPS to consistently land CR decrease. This also applies to anyone else on your team who needs to land their debuffs, like A.Ras who needs to land his defense break. Having a bit of speed on your DPS can help them reduce their cooldowns of their skills if they use them, like Lidica with her S3. Somewhere around 150 speed should be enough for Lidica. I'm not sure about other characters cooldowns so you may have to test it yourself. The rest of your team should be as fast as they can while maintaining any other necessary stats they need. 

Artifacts will depend on your team. If you have a knight, Aurius will help the rest of your team survive. Celestine on Sinful Angelica can help with her lack of healing in wave 2. I used Bloodstone on Lidica since I was lacking healing on my team. Kitty Clarissa was holding War Horn to help her cycle her turns faster while providing a bit of damage increase for my Lidica, since I built Lidica just for this floor. If your using Kitty Clarissa and she's having trouble surviving, Proof of Valor could be used. Since I only used a team of A.Ras, Lidica, Singelica and Kitty Clarissa, I'm not sure how builds on other units will be, since I lack the resources to build too many units. My units other than Lidica had around 200-230 speed with A.Ras and Kitty Clarissa having other stats in health and defense, with effectiveness on A.Ras. Singelica had 200 effect resistance to avoid losing her immortality buff on wave 2 and the rest was put into bulk.

This is probably one of the hardest floors to clear without certain 5 stars or moonlight units, since there aren't many units that fill the same niche role that these units do. 

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