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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Asia / SunriseChild / 111-113]

111 Floor.

There is no strategy. Focus the boss, pray for debuff procs and Cermiya's trigger.

112 floor.
Wave 1.
We must quickly kill the cannons before the Tamarin dies. Because they will shoot at a character with a mark (not a water element) in this party - this is Tamarin.We kill the cannons, then the commander.
2. Wave.
Lilias immediately gives the ultimate by removing all buffs and burning souls. Land blind debuff. At this point, we have Tamarine ult. Just use ult. Get attack buff and use Luna ult on Lilias. Emilia is constantly pushing Luna, Tamarine on situation S1 or S2. We try to kill the lower commander and the middle one try to stop with Ceris s2 stun (so he cannot attack). Bottom stacks Lilias attack, commander in the middle stack armor. In no case do we attack Lilias with soulweavers (commanders are pushed from attacking her). We try to defbreak Lilias with the Luna.
At 50% HP, she will make an extra turn and use her ult (it is advisable to have Tamarines ult before 50% HP of Lilias).
On the SECOND charge her ult gauge, she will remove all debuffs and put Skill Nullifier and immunity on the team.
Until this moment, you do not need to use ults of Ceris and Tamarine. (try to make Tamarine effectivenes by 100+) Ceris reduces all buffs by 1 turn, and Tamarine can remove all buffs from opponents.
As the buffs gone from enemy, we try to defbreak Lilias. AND DO NOT FORGET to kill the commander at number 1 (while we are waiting for the buffs to be removed) and stun stun stun commander 2.
As Lilias got Defbreak - deal max damage from Luna (use soulburns).
P.s. My moon died, having received 3 hits from enemy in a row, at the end.

Floor 113

On the first wave, the main thing is to remove the shield from the boss with Clarissa.
Then everything is simple, we beat the boss and try do not loose HP.
Emilia push Clarissa so that Taranor constantly gives Dual attack with Clarissa.

Before moving to the second wave, make sure that the S2 Ras is not in CD.

Let's go to the floor, we get a strip buffs.

Next, you need to get immunity buffs (from Duals with Ras and self by CLarissa. Also Emilia's Resit is important here, otherwise she will quickly die from the burns.
Then there is nothing difficult, we beat Havazu, we try to make sure that Taranor is always immune from S2 Ras (S2 use with Soul Burn).

When Havazu has somewhere around 20% HP, he will summon Spirits, cleanse himself and begin to land uncleanceble burn debuff. Therefore, it is necessary to strangle his dual as quickly as possible with attacks. (Hope for defbrake from Race and Taranor).


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