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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Takgoo / 109]

Used characters to cheese this heavy RNG floor:

  • Taranor Guard: Rage Set / Pure DPS
  • Kitty Clarrisa: Speed min 240+, slight tanky, war horn
  • A. Ras: Speed min 240+, tanky
  • Roana: Tanky

First wave: 

  • Just focus purple minion
  • He is very RNG as he can counter a lot
  • If things go wrong, just reset until he is dead

Second wave:

  • Make sure to not have more than 10 souls going into this wave
  • Focus angie, using souls on Ras only and pray that you get def breaks
  • Goal is to DPS her fast enough before mushrooms kill you
  • She gets 5 skill nullifiers so you will have to hit her at least 7-8 times when she is 0% 

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