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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Asia / TinyTimmy / Floor 120]

This floor is not too hard if you know some tips and boss mechanic.

The team above is only needed Taranor Guard and Kitty Clarrisa at level 50. 

However, you need your team to have at least 85% crit chance and 85 effectiveness to deal with Straze.

Ras uses Adamant Shield  (do not use Aurius because Straze can inflict a huge amount of damage and can kill Ras instantly)

Tamarine is great here with her constant healing and buffing attack, she wears Magahara Tome in order to move quickly.

Kitty uses War Horn to buff more attack and help her to move quickly too.

Taranor Guard is the MVP here. I just give him a rage set and Symbol of Unity artifact (you can have it in your Guild)

Now move to the 1st phase: Lilibet

- You just need to focus on the mobs first and after killing them, you can focus to take down Lilibet

- Remember to save your soul burn for Straze phase.

Final boss: Straze

- Straze with have 2 form in this stage. At 40% HP, he will do an AoE attack and transform to Fastus.

- In Straze form, you just need to focus on him while paying attention to his buff, the more you crit him, the less damage he will do to your team (that's why I recommend to have at least 85% crit chance), and remember to constantly dispell his buff (with Ras s1, Tamarine s1 in Idol form, or s2 of Kitty Clarrisa)

- When his HP is almost close to 40%, you should heal your team fully and use Ras s3 for def buff (It will help your team withstand after Straze transform into Fastus)

- In this form, you just need to do exactly the same as Straze form, attack him while paying attention to his buff and continuously dispell buff.

That's all for this floor :3 Wish everyone best luck to success in this floor.

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