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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Koroshi / 105]

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Abyss Floor 105 After Nerf

[No Limited Artifact Needed]

Abyss Floor 105 - Specter Tenebria, Tenebria, Adventurer Ras, and Tamarine.

Info: I Beat this Floor with terrible gear and my Tenebria is only Level 50. So you can probably make your gear way better than mine because i'm just using the free gears.



Specter Tenebria: Full Damage (Atk Set/ Rage Set/ Destruction Set) I Used the Free Level 75 Attack Gear. (Artifact - Kal'adra)

Adventurer Ras: Tank (25k+HP)(Have some Effectiveness so he can Defense break BBK) Artifact - (Artifact - Sword of Ezera/Proof of Valor)

Tamarine: Basic Tamarine Build (Artifact - Magaraha's Tome)

Tenebria: Semi Damage (Artifact - Lela Violin)

Tips: Be Sure to have Tenebria S3 Skills, Tamarine S3, And Adventurer Ras S2 Ready for the 2nd Phase against BBK. Make sure your Adventurer Ras have atleast 25k + HP So He can Tank the Scorpetra. He Can only Tank Scorpetra Ultimate Skill 3 Times. Save up max souls on the 1st Phase before getting to BBK then burn Specter Tenebria S1 to burst down BBK with Defense break. 

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