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Abyss Floor 120 Tips

[Abyss] [Global / Kitaike / 111-120]

Albums 111-120 with builds:


Short summaries of the stages:

111: just focus the boss round 1 and Mui round 2. Lilias SB S2 on Mui helps too

112: kill the mobs first > kill the boss r1. same for Lilias r2. only diff is that Lilias spawns new mobs

113: Focus Khawazu. cleanse as much burn as possible. If he debuffs with endless flame kill one of the fire seeds

114: every non earth unit will probably die r1 so bring only earth units. r2 Baal will use a different S3 depending on his unique effect. Depending on his buff you need to kill one of the machines beside him. (they respawn after his S3)
Demon: All your units will get 80% hp dmg > kill the left machine right before his turn (you'll get 1 turn barrier but also unable to be buffed debuff)
Ruin: Stuns your units for 2 turns > kill the top machine right before his turn (you'll get Immunity but also unhealable)

Terminate: 100% hp dmg on one unit > kill the bottom machine right before his turn (you'll get 1 turn revive but also def break)

115: for me the hardest floor: Option 1: deal as much dmg as possible to LQC before her 3rd or 4th S3 (her dmg increase each time) with for example S.Tene or Option 2: decrease her cr all the time with Lidica.

116: AoE will give Elena Barrier once per turn so try to avoid it or time several AoE between one of her turns (like idol Tama S1, Kitty S2 and Ras S3). At 40% HP she will summon Cerise and Ray.

117: After 2 non-attack skills she will activate S2. But depending on the amount of buffs she will have extra S2 attacks.

118: Your units can only buff themselves. Bring a fast Cermia. Hit and Dual Attack Remnant Violet ONLY if you have buffs on your units. If you don't have buffs hit Earth Violet.

119: you can kill him slowly. important things: at 70% and 40% HP he will summon lichs that can only be killed with Soulweaver non-attack skills or hit simply hit them with Soulweaver (less dmg but also fine)

120: don't use 2 non-attack skill in a row or your whole party will be stunned. If he got hit and have a buff he will get 10% cr-push. at 40% hp he change into Fastus and will deal more dmg.

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