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What to do about Speed [3]

So this is a complex question, so I hope people read it the right way. 

My expectation is that by this time next year we will see the level cap raised either on heroes or gear (or both, though I expect they'll do heroes before gear). If the cap on gear is raised to 95 or 100, that would create the potential for more speed on a lot of units. There are two ways to avoid this, and by doing so rebalance all gear in the process. 

The first is to cap the rolls on speed to where they are right now on 85/88 gear, meaning that this hypothetical 95/100 gear would still roll 1-5, or maybe up the lower limit to 2 or 3, and perhaps upping the main stat to 50 on boots.

The second is to set an overall cap on speed, like exists for crit damage and dual attack, but allow the "expected" increase in spd rolls; 1-6 or 2-6, main stat boots jumping to 50. 

Option 1 would mean that the speed on top units would be unchanged, but by effect every other stat would get a little bounce to be even more competitive. I don't know that too many players will like this, however, as it could feel like short change on such an update. Option 2 would be more stringent, setting a firm speed limit, but potentially allowing not only a target goal, but by allowing for higher rolls at the same time to make it a little easier to get to that point. Some might like the idea of capping speed however, and of course they'd have to pick a cap, which could either end up being too high or too low for some people's liking.

Which option do you think is better?

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    2021.09.15 01:54 (UTC+0)

    so basically reduce the gap between the highest roll and lowest roll?

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    2021.09.15 08:57 (UTC+0)

    Agree with you, since this gane release until today all is about speed cleave debuff, from alots, basar, sage baal, cerise, ftene, etc. 

    SG need to balance speed stat

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