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Hero Concept - Original Character 2 [4]


The goal of this post is showing the inspiration capcity of this game, and sharing great designs with you guys,

NOT hoping its design can be implemented in the game.

Is it op? Maybe it is. But doesn't affect the goal.


Attack an enemy, with a 50% chance to Decrease Hit Chance or Decrease Defense for 2 turns, based on the target's attack and health.

Increases damage dealt, Hit Chance and Effectiveness of this skill by 50% when Auto-casting.


S2 CD: Passive

Completely reflect the first incoming skill that would affect the caster to all enemies, leaving the caster unaffected.

The reflected skill keeps its original effects, and uses the stats of the source character's.

This effect can only trigger ONCE PER LIFE of the caster.


S3 CD: 4 Turns

Attack an enemy, dealing huge amount of damage.

This skill will always land successfully when Auto-casting.

KILL THE CASTER and Revive with 50% max health after the attack when Auto-casting.


Auto-casting needs experience when used in pvp.

You cannot select the target you want (Hence only can be used when right situation comes), this is the first drawback.

If player is not clear about AI aggro it will probably backfire, attacking the wrong target. This is the second drawback.

As a result, bonus are added when Auto-casting.

S3 refreshes S2 and dispells all buffs and debuffs when Auto-casting, but set the character to 50% health.

It is a comeback in bad situations, but not so viable when this hero is at full health, having a lot of buffs.

More of a comeback design than snowball design.

S2 is similar to Inferno Khawazu S2, making the opponent think before using AoE attacks.

The difference is, player can solve this hero's S2 by using a basic attack against it.

You don't want to use Kluri S3 against it and get reflected.

Comments are welcomed.

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    2021.09.14 14:50 (UTC+0)

    Not you with your shi.tty sugestions again.

    s1 is stronger than everything a s1 can offer in game.

    s2 means a perfect counter to every DPS unit. Units like Straze, Watcher Shuri, Cermia, etc. can one shot multiple or a single target but you said that the damage is reflected to all enemies. That means complete anihilation for the attacker.

    s3 doesn't miss when using auto battle, deal very high damage and reset of the s2. Bullsh.it.

    It's easy to say that you have to use a basic attack or a certain order when there are so many characters with counter abilities like Politis, Celine, Mercedes, Bellona, Cerato, Senya, etc. And it's even easier to say that when not even your turn order is certain. You know, speed is not a fixed stats and can't be predicted 100% of the time so a unit with 190speed can take a turn before a unit with 200speed.

    Auto casting/Auto battle will target the most suited target so it's certain who will get hit. You don't need much brain to know who will be the target.

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