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[ASIA] New Guild War Focus Team Recruiting!

Guild: Eorza

Level : 6

Server: Asia


We are a young guild looking to set up a casual/relax GUILD WAR focus team. We have a mix of veterans, alts and new players just want to chill and enjoy the game.


- 24/7 Exp & Gold buffs (whenever possible)

- Catalyst Aid (whenever possible)

- Friendly team

- Discord channel available


- Minimum player rank 35 (increases as the team progresses)

- MUST have 2 DEFENSE TEAM ready to go!

- Use up all 3 attacks during GUILD WARS (WIN/LOSE)

- Donate and request AID

- NO minimum arena ranking needed

- Be ACTIVE and help build the guild via weekly missions, aid, donations and world boss kill

- 2-5 days of inactivity (without notice) will be kicked in favor of new recruits. Low weekly assistance will be checked.

If you are interested, just look up "Eorza" in-game and apply.

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