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Critical hit damage [1]

Well, my hero has 350% crihit damage in stat and i add buff crihit damage (50%) on him. The damage will increase by that way, right ?, or it just stops at 350%

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    2021.09.13 01:16 (UTC+0)

    Your gear crit dmg will usually be capped at 350% including the Critical Damage buff.

    The only way you can go over this cap is by including artifacts that give additional crit dmg not pertaining to buffs

    ie: Draco Plate, Black Hand of the Goddess, MISHA

    Say you have a Luna that's geared with 320% crit dmg and has Draco Plate equipped.

    Crit dmg buff (+50%) will cap it at 350% before Draco Plate adds the additonal 15-30% crit dmg beyond 350%.

    You get the same result if this hypothetical Luna is geared with 300% crit dmg.

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