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So can we talk about Fire Lidica S2 ? [4]

So Ive built Fire Lidica since the last free ungear event.

What Ive noticed is her S2 sometimes dispells buffs first and then applies the debuffs.

But there are some times when it does the other way (debuff first -> dispell buffs), meaning there are no debuffs.

So Smilegate can u please clarify for me, is it supposed to be random which comes first ?

Or did u guys forget about her after giving her the EE?

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    2021.09.12 17:27 (UTC+0)

    *Effects on a skill occur in the order that they're written*. In Lidica's case, she debuffs first and strips last, so if she doesn't debuff, that usually means her target had Immunity OR the check for the blind and unhealable failed.

    "Attacks all enemies, with an 85% chance to decrease Hit Chance for 1 turn, make them unhealable for 1 turn, and dispels one buff"

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