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Hall of Trials: Zeno - September 2021 [17]

There weren't any restrictions on combat readiness push, so we're making the most out of it.

Advantages: Ranger stats increased, more damage to Zeno with Unbuffable

Disadvantages: Mages take more damage, cannot Attack debuff Zeno

Wanda bullies Zeno; he never gets a turn after his first in any 1 wave.

The others rangers serve as support with an AoE to clear out mobs and the Speed debuff

Any full cleanser can take the 4th slot, but I also love Desert Jewel Basar's ability to push the party that aids in lapping Zeno as well. Emila can also buff one of the dps Rangers' Attack, but as you can see, I never had her skills leveled. ^^;


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    2021.09.12 07:06 (UTC+0)

    Using non attack skills increases the chances for him to evade

    I used SSB,Landy,Cerise and SC Wanda to get 3.917 mil points without clearing the stage(my wanda and cerise are just speed and lv50)

    SSB also have low effectiveness and Landy is not on a rage set and no speed at all

    And btw if you have Ms.Confille,it works great on Cerise since she is dual attacking and have a chance to def break the boss

    My Wanda didn't even had an artifact equipped

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    2021.09.12 11:05 (UTC+0)

    stop updating this kind of post every month since your score is nothing special

    it's getting annoying overtime...

    just watch youtube for the guide or do you seeking attention here?

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    2021.09.12 14:01 (UTC+0)

    this time I used ML Chloe (Shimadra) + K. Clarissa + Landy (Bloodstone) + SSB (DDJ). 4.8+kk.

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