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Guild Recruitment

<GLOBAL> Irons - Top 30 guild is recruiting!

Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Irons

Region/Server: Global

Level: 20


- Day 1 guild

- Competitive (GW)

- 24/7 guild buffs

- 5x mystic medals reward in GW

- Friendly Discord community

- Sub-Guild available for those who want to work their way up

- Hovers around top 30 in GW

- Spots open: 1


- Active sign-ins and donations

- Ask for Mana Drake Claws during weekdays and anything on weekends.

- Participate in GW

- Communicate and coordinate with guild during GW

- Challenger+ in PVP

- Discord

- Rank 70 Only

Looking for a member that is advanced in the game, with good GW attacks and defenses.

If you are interested in joining, contact us on Discord:

Dulio#0002 (GMT-8) / Rofy#1103 (GMT-3)  / Dodo#2250 (GMT+2)

Healfree#0009 (GMT+3) / CrazyPro#6314 (GMT+8)

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