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Make moonlight pitty . Rng is dumb [1]

122 consequetive rolls with moonlight summons and no five star. Just a giant piece of trash mechanic to not combat this.

Mystics are too rare and the rotations way too limited to be the answer. Mystics are to.get banner characters. 

Moonlight should have a pitty at 50 as the rate is 2.5 percent. It should summon a random moonlight 5 star at this point in a losing rng string.

Luck needs to be balanced out to remain fair for everyone. So sick of never getting anything from the most rare currency in game.

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    2021.09.14 13:56 (UTC+0)

    There's an easy fix to this. Stop Pity from resetting upon acquiring 5*ml. They mey implement it in few years once the roster grows 100 characters more.

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