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  • 2021.09.10 23:00 (UTC+0)
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Guys this is very serious and may affect the quality and enjoyment of E7 in the future.SG and SC have been trying to release quite strong 4 * units for a long time (a bit with Ml Kawazu and finally Angelica Angel) this is a company strategy to achieve exorbitant profits with overloaded units in a banner that there is no pity for it, I am sure that Angelica Luz is giving you more profit than a Ml 5 * that has pity and can be obtained safely

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    2021.09.10 23:50 (UTC+0)

    I mean, don't we all want money? 

    I agree with you but everyone has their own choice if they want to summon or not. I'm skipping her because she will come later on since 4* will come on ml bms. 

    Also is she really that op? 

    I can see her being used as starter because of her s3 strip and silence

    Counter cleave? my Flan cleave will cut her like butter

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    2021.09.10 23:52 (UTC+0)

    Complains about weak ml 4* units 

    Proceeds to complain about strong ml 4* units because they can’t get them.

    That’s not the right mentality at all, and I think you’re forgetting that the rates for getting these 4* units are a lot higher in general. If you don’t pull them before a 5* youre a lucky unlucky bastard.

    The complaint shouldn’t be based on the units nat level or obtainability, it’s a gacha, you’re not gonna get everything. The issue should be based on the units skills regardless of that, things like carrot, Langie, Landy, Rem have all become stupidly strong in the meta. It’s not an issue if a 4* is better then a 5*, it’s the effect a unit has generally on the game as a whole. Summons ain’t gonna kill a game, it’s the balance shifting and meta changes that will make or break a game.

    Mystics summons to whales who will be at the top is just nothing short of “oh looks like I need to spend money to pull this unit” and that’s it.

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    2021.09.11 03:13 (UTC+0)

    Not actually true. I mean, sure, we have pity for ML5s, but EVENTUALLY we'll get another ML4 recall and you'll be able to select any ML4 you want, be it ML Khawazu, AoL, TSurin or whatever. It's just that it might be harder for whales to get the new ML4 when they come out, it's technically easier for casual players to get them

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    2021.09.11 14:56 (UTC+0)

    Last time I tried to get a 4* I spent 10k mystics. No 4* though.

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    2021.09.12 01:43 (UTC+0)

    Soooo... Tsurin, ML Khawazu, singelica, gpurrgis, a lots, cerato, none of those alarmed you? But the new Angelica suddenly made you realize this was all a cash grab? Lol

    It's not really a new revelation that they're fleecing us for our money by releasing increasingly OP units my guy. Look at the packs they sell. You pay 100+ dollars to not even guarantee a summon. Mystic packs? A joke. They've backed themselves into a ridiculous corner already.

    I wish it wasn't like this but you know, "it's a gacha" 🤷‍♀️ And I do agree with you. Power creep with even rgb units is a problem. But at this point it's impossible to balance imo. 

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