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Langie [20]

Seeing a lot of posts about her and one thing is very clear.

if you think this unit is anyway balanced and fair, you’re lying to yourself for two reasons, A. You have them and don’t want them nerfed or B. You clearly haven’t seen or played against Langie.

For start, this unit has a disgusting amount of Effectiveness, I believe someone did the math and it was nearly 170% not including any sub stats? That’s horrifying given that she has a 112 base speed which means she not slow by any means.

just from base effectiveness, you’d need 270% ER just to prevent debuffs 100% of the time. What makes this worse, if she lands all of her debuffs, it’s basically a GG unless you have Dilibet because her debuffs are that powerful.

Her only counters are Dilibet, but if Langie is ran with someone like flan it’s probably game over anyway and Celine. Celine is really the only counter to this units busted kit, but that’s only if she’s able to kill a dps, fail to do that and rip match.

Ofc you can try outspeed her, but she’s not that frail so your speed dps better have some crazy gear. If those who were wondering Politis doesn’t counter her at all, since that silence screws her two fold.

im just amazed at the amount of people who are trying to call her fair and balanced when in reality her meta potential is scary, she could end up dominating PvP for a long time before any consistent change or unit comes out.

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    작성자 2021.09.10 02:03 (UTC+0)

    Btw the effectiveness is broken down by:




    Hit set

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    2021.09.10 02:17 (UTC+0)

    She's not fair or balanced but that's the norm now. If she gets nerfed, another ml4 recall exchange is incoming and I don't see that happening. Her being OP will open many wallets.

    I did get her, and I'm not mad she's broken. Play and enjoy her until her also unfair and imbalanced counter arrives. 

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    2021.09.10 03:54 (UTC+0)

    I am curious. If alots push her, and politis s2 proc, will her S2 proc because of politis aoe?

    Btw Imo her only weakness is sleep. I think Aoe sleep wont even proc her S2 because of it is an active passive, unlike roana S2.

    Elphelt is very useful if langie had immunity.

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    2021.09.10 09:08 (UTC+0)

    Saw people using her as Opener not even Anti Cleave  , She's supposed to be Slower like 102 Speed for a Mage with Hell skills .

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    2021.09.10 11:42 (UTC+0)

    ....from what I understand...if you can't beat it...just nerf it....then why not nerf ftene and landy...

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    2021.09.10 17:09 (UTC+0)

    Just remember, the game was never about balance. It's about making the devs money.

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    2021.09.10 19:05 (UTC+0)

    What if you counter Langie with Sumseria and a pusher like Lots/Alots to push her back in line and detonate with s3?

    Sumseria can dispel buffs with s1 and at the same time inflict bombs using her own artefact. The first soulburn is free so you have a chance to use at least a bomb. If you have Lots/Alots you use s1 2 times and then s3 to detonate. With someone faster than Sumseria with an aoe attack you can get another bomb.

    Didn't lv up my Sumseria but from what I noticed, a bomb does 6k when her attack is at 3.5k. If you have 6-7k attack and land 2-3 bombs you can easily deal over 15-20k hp. Getting that attack is possible from s2, with a buff from someone else even better.

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    2021.09.11 04:05 (UTC+0)

    I mean Look at ftene, ml baal, carrot, langie, briseria. They all have the same mechanic, strip first and then debuff all enemies, immunity becomes a joke. Especially high speed high effectiveness langie, ftene and ml baal, High ER cleanser becomes useless, preventing you from doing your things. Thats the SG way to make a stripper op. As he said, The only unit that counters this mechanic is dilibet, doesnt need ER but still cleanses because of her passive. The only way to win is to outspeed them (just ignore 15% Innate res cause thats random). I hope in the future this mechanic doesnt dominate the game.

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    2021.09.11 15:13 (UTC+0)

    That's the problem with the Eff/ER disbalance. ER is heavily disadvantaged and I said it many times- artifacts that grant Eff grant much more of it than artifacts that grant ER.

    Just look at Emilia's art. Only 15% ER while other artifacts(Hyufine, Melissa, Mui, Eda grant AT LEAST 20% up to 60%.

    That's why I wish more soul weavers were buffed. They rarely are. Ray, Destina, Montmorancy, Doris can't compete against top debuffers. They just get wrecked.

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