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PVE Vivian issues. (Possibly more) [4]

I’m not sure about whether or not this is intended 

because the mechanics aren’t clarified anywhere.

context: Vivian and Baiken buff interactions in Banshee.

When Vivian uses her S3, and the team receives her 3

turn buffs. Vivian then proceeds to kill the last target 

with the tornado (which would normally grant her an 

extra turn, but since it dies the battle moves on to the Boss fight.) and when she goes to the next 

fight she only keeps one turn of the buffs, it skips 2 it 

goes straight from 3 to 1 turns of buffs remaining, even 

though she only used one turn and the battle ended.

This also has some interactions with when the 

Banshee Queen splits, if you kill the last of the 

four banshee with a turn that gives an extra turn

 (example: Baiken S2 crits) instead of Banshee 

queen returning and Baiken getting another turn the 

turn is cancelled and the Banshee queen goes, 

removing the extra turn altogether. (But the buffs 

on whatever hero had the extra turn still count 


These are some interesting interactions that I believe 

need some clarity if you guys don’t mind. Also I 

wouldn’t doubt that similar mechanics elsewhere 

probably have similar issues! Love you guys and 

the game! Hope this helps! 

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    2021.09.09 15:35 (UTC+0)

    Where did you see that Vivian gets an extra turn

    Her S2 is just executed again if a target dies and that happens on the same turn and it can happen up to 3 times

    The last hero to act loses 1 turn on the buff because his\her turn ended and the buff duration is reduced by 1 again when the battle ends(this also goes for 2 turn debuffs)

    It's been like this since forever

    Any hero that did not get a turn,looses only one turn on the buff\debuff

    The queen gets a cr push,not an extra turn(you can restrict her so she will not spit until she gets a turn the normal way)

    Extra turn takes priority over cr push

    I can bring S.Tene with max souls and kill the queen from full hp by spamming S1

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    작성자 2021.09.09 16:44 (UTC+0)

    So just to confirm, Vivian has 3 turn buff up, kills last mob, fight ends she SHOULD have 1 turn of buff duration? You’re saying that it’s because at the end of the fight, whoever goes last loses 1 turn of buff duration plus the turn that they took while everyone else loses 1?
    “it’s been like this forever” lol I just never noticed I guess! Haha seems kinda lame.

    as far as the Queen fight I’m talking after the split phase going back into the Queen you lose any extra turns there as Baiken for sure. Seems like it shouldn’t be that way it just disappears and you go back to 0%cr.

    Also you’re right it’s not an extra turn for Vivian I knew that just typed it wrong it’s just a reactivation, I was sloppy typing this up I guess.

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    2021.09.09 16:53 (UTC+0)

    Yes,the last to act hero looses 2 turns on his\her buff debuff

    Rem for example is not good in 3 stages fights because she triggers her buff once you kill an enemy on the first wave and if she never gets a turn,when you reach the boss fight,her passive will still be on a 5 turns cooldown so basically,she will not get her buff

    She will loose her buff after the second wave

    Same goes for Singelica in wyvern

    She needs to go in the first wave and not get another turn or she will instantly die against the wyvern

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    작성자 2021.09.10 05:50 (UTC+0)

    Okay so this is good to know thank you!!!! Should I delete this from bugs or just leave it for other noobies like myself? 

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