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Heroes to Zeroes?? [1]

I hope Smilegate finds this message and reads it.

Surin (Fire)

Such a waste of character design and skill to have her sitting on the bench, overshadowed by T.surin. Change her bleed mechanics and AI skills. Please make her S1 to explode bleeds and CR push at 15%.

Zerato (Ice)

His Skills animations would be a waste if he is idle in the bench. Would u really bench Captain Toshiro or Toya, C'mon give some love for whoever created Zerato. Please add a new mechanic like Frozen (increase damage received). Increase her S2 damage output to 10%.

Bask ( Lost Knight)

Nobody uses him anymore. His existence is long forgotten and yet you once said you'd make all characters viable whether in pve and pvp. 

Increase her HP and make him HP scaling. Please add reflect to his skills. Damage on reflect based on HP lost.

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    2021.09.09 12:31 (UTC+0)

    cry about it

                      cry about it

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