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Why I'm still playing ? [29]

Got nothing from 70 free summon, spent  600 bkms and 30 galaxy today and all 4 stars dupes...Now I'm a bit mad 

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    2021.09.08 17:15 (UTC+0)

    enjoy for playing haha

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    2021.09.08 17:17 (UTC+0)

    I would've waited on the ML summons for tomorrow's angie drop personally. 

    But ***** to get nothing from all that, although we all know the chances for ml5 is extremely low. Sadge 

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    2021.09.08 17:21 (UTC+0)

    Because you didn't know your fate could be that bad? Or could be any other reason like it's a fun game or something. F btw

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    2021.09.08 17:25 (UTC+0)

    You should always aim for a pity summon on this game. Galaxy bm's, and covenant bm's off a banner don't promise crap. If you get a 5 star hero off a pity think of that as a bonus. 

    I'm pretty sure making heroes hard to get is a part of how Smile Gate makes that profit.

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    2021.09.08 17:25 (UTC+0)

    u spent 600 bms on normal banner really?

    u not waiting for specific banners? well good luck lol

    u can quit anytime

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    2021.09.08 17:40 (UTC+0)

    "why am I still going to this casino?"

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    2021.09.08 18:24 (UTC+0)

    Last year i was Angry from my Luck with Mystic summon  , So i spent 30K Skystones on normal Banner and left the game for few Months but im back now 😅 .

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    2021.09.08 18:30 (UTC+0)

    At least you pulled some 4* star heroes why you 70 pull... Only 4* Artefact top here so gg i guess :D

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    2021.09.08 19:14 (UTC+0)

    I’ve got 2 RGB5 heroes, ML4, 5* Arti. Didn’t even count other 4*, but definetely over 20. That’s why I love free 70 summons

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    2021.09.08 19:40 (UTC+0)

    My first day from free summons. Either this will make you rage quit, or make you want to try your luck more. Coz this can also happen to you.

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    2021.09.08 20:35 (UTC+0)

    Why do people expect to get *something* from their free summons? I never got anything decent and whenever I summon, I have 0 expectation that I will get something. I hit pity all the time. Disappointing? yes but it's reality. You feel great when when you just forget and set your expectation to zero. I haven't gotten anything from any of the 70x summon in the past but got lucky enough to get 3x 5* RBG and 2 5* artifact. Your day will come but if you can't handle not getting anything... well your mental is not ready to play gacha game.

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    2021.09.08 22:31 (UTC+0)

    I know the feeling man, i suggest you just save bm for limited banners and expect nothing from moonlights summons, is pretty annoying waste moonlinght summons to get nothing or useless 5ML like DJB

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    2021.09.08 23:18 (UTC+0)

    For me it's all about using the characters I like, and harvest resource lightly.

    Having been playing E7 since November 2018, now this game feels like carefree retired life, lol

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    2021.09.09 00:01 (UTC+0)

    I got dupe 5* ml last week- DJB of all things. Useless crap.

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    2021.09.09 00:47 (UTC+0)

    The account I spent money on only has 3 limited heroes (Dizzy, SSB, Landy) and barely any useful ML5 (LQC, Fidica dupe).

    My F2P alt account has 8 limited heroes, Arby, F.Ceci, S.Tene, ML Ara, Spez&Solitaria, more nat 5* heroes that I have mats even close enough to 6*, and much higher rolled gear.  It's pulled banner heroes in 1-2 summons about 6 times.

    Spent all my resources trying to get RE:Zero limiteds and Summer Iseria (went over halfway to pity on each banner), nothing but 1 banner artifact (and 6 off banner).

    The only thing I was lucky enough to get recently was Straze, which shockingly my F2P account didn't get.

    If I could've gone back and used all my bookmarks on the regular banner which includes ML and other 5* heroes, I'm sure my roster would be in a much, much, much better place.

    And don't get me started on dupes.. My main gets green units, mostly soul weavers (destina/roana both S) my alt gets blue (krau SS).  Random, my ass.. almost everyone else has no imprint.

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    2021.09.09 01:09 (UTC+0)

    why am i still alive?

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