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Guild Recruitment

[Global] ThicccGang is recruiting!

Hi! I'm Kwean one of the co-captains of ThicccGang and we'd love to have you join our guild.

We're an active guild looking to replace inactive members.

What we offer:
24/7 Gold and XP buffs

Weekly Guild chests

An active Discord

A fun and casual environment but we still enjoy winning!

What we're looking for:
Active players who will join us in Discord.

Players willing to try their best, win or lose.

Players who will participate in Guild War and other guild content regularly.

Players who like to have fun.

Ideally players rank 45+ but we can be flexible if your rank is lower.

Discord is required but if you prefer to lurk in the Discord, that's completely fine.  Feel free to come check out our Discord here: https://discord.gg/mzjBksGTQN Or message our Guild Captain Dr. Thiccc Ph.D.#1497  on Discord.

#guild_recruitment #epic7

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