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SoulList (Global) chill challenger+ guild


We are seeking members comfortably sitting in challenger+ arena, and want to be surrounded by players on a similar level, to join our guild.

We're a guild that's been around since day 1 with day 1 players.  We have veterans that are happy to help & advise you on Discord.  We're not hardcore PvP'ers; (though we have had legend players); however, we expect some commitment for GW so we can gain mystics.  We're not strict, all we ask is that you can perform the following:

- You're logging/checking in almost every day

- Regularly complete your GW battles (don't have to win, just do them)

- You're in Challenger or above in Arena 

In return, of course you'll get all level 20 guild buffs and all that jazz. But also, if you're interested in getting along with a group that are friendly, chill, and supportive, please do consider us by searching for "SoulList" in-game via the Guild menu and send a request to join. Most of our members are gamers, and we're open to playing other games together too.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and good luck!

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