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Guild Recruitment

[Europe] - RoyalOak -

We, 12 friends, have found a new guild. There are currently 22 members in the guild and we are looking for active players that will participate in guild wars and aid each other hunting materials. Joining the Discord server of our guild is also important for communication. Other than these rules, our guild is a fellowship that wants to have fun. No one in the guild ints, even if we do it is just bad rng so do not worry about the wins.

ᗘ Guild level: 13

ᗘ Current Guild war reward ratio: X4 

ᗘ Slots open: 22/28

ᗘBuffs are always active

ᗘAlmost all expedition 3 bosses are beaten

ᗘRequired account rank is 60+

ᗘAll Guild war tokens should be used even if it a guaranteed loss

Our Discord server is https://discord.gg/ahR6KRREAY


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