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Guild Recruitment

The "Senate" will rise again.

Guild Name: Senate

Region/Server: Global

Members: 20.

Description: The "Senate" is a casual guild looking to become more competitive and fill-in open slots with new active members. The core members of the guild are a group of friends in real life and friends that met through discord who progressed in the game together. English is primary language although we have a variety of different cultures.

Goal: Our main focus is to climb up the ranks in Guild Wars. We're currently looking for Rank +50 active players who will be able to contribute to guild war through setting defenses and participating in war.

Requirements: - Active (no longer than 7 days of absence without a notice) - Donations and completion of weekly quests

Preferable: - Join guild discord channel - https://discord.gg/Jut9qyFrHs - Rank +50 (With some considerations)

Benefits: - Weekly Guildwars Participation - 24-hour Guild Buffs - Catalyst and Gem trades - Game Tips and Guides - Active discord guild chat - Weeb friendly - Yufie bot available

To Apply to the Guild: Apply and comment your IGN or PM it via discord Jemes#3910 if it's full, we are clearing out inactives.


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