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How to get more penguins ? ( For a new player ) [1]

All the youtube videos keep saying do unrecorded history but I'm not even able to beat 9-10 so and getting more penguins needs max level heroes what should I do where should I waste my stamina on ? Help

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    2021.09.06 02:48 (UTC+0)

    So to clarify first, max level heroes only means that you cannot currently increase the exp of the hero. For ex., a 3* hero can be maxed level if they can't accumulate any more exp until they're broken to 4*. So, even if you haven't fully limit broken a hero, they're still "max level" so that exp they should be getting is what is used for the penguins. 

    If you've got heroes that need leveling, and you don't have penguins, you can just level them normally by having them in a team and farming whatever map they can complete. Or, if you do have those maxed heroes, focus on a map that has catalysts you need for skill ups or awakenings for your heroes. 

    Then, there's also the Forest of Souls in the Sanctuary where you can just make penguins w/ Stigma. 

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