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Bellona dropped but is she still worth to build? [3]

Hi all,

I just got Bellona but I am not sure if she is still a good investment, especially all of those molagoras so expensive.

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    2021.09.05 17:47 (UTC+0)

    She good in Pve Content, I use her in B13 and A13 with Vivain.  for mola i think you just need to mola a bit of S3 for def break chance and that about it.

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    2021.09.06 13:26 (UTC+0)

    she is pretty good for ice boss thanks to her S1 HP% damage

    of course, this also works for other bosses, just that her element makes her particularly deadly to ice boss
    if paired with her artifact, ice bosses melt like well, ice

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    2021.09.06 17:53 (UTC+0)

    If you have limited units the she can be very useful with Rose Haragana Artifact. Now with the ribbon thingy you can build her for PVP or PVE. Her Iron Fan Artifact does mega dmg to Ice units especially in PVE. Depending on the ribbon you give her she can push back heroes in PVP & land a def break, semi decent opening if yer mid to low arena ranking. If you're concerned about Mola's just skill up her S3 & give her Rose Haragana.

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