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Guild Recruitment

[GLOBAL] LastRider is Looking for recruiting any level player!

Guild Name: LastRider 

Guild Level: 2 

Server: Global 

Slot available: 12/18(more soon when we level up together)


Tired of staying in inactive Guild/Discord ? 

Your Guild have too much requirement? Join us! 

We are a bunch of old player creating a new guild Our Requirements are only for you to: 

* Be active Discord/In Game 

* Donate Every Day 

* Do x3 Guild War Atk if you are in GW 

* Level small or Arena Rank bronze anything is fine (as long as u will be active and play for a long time) 


What we can offer you: 

* Game play help/advice (Arena/RTA/Hunt/Abyss/Teambuilding) 

* Guild buff 24h/day (if we have more member soon) 

* Share your about pull/gear and be happy together or sad together 

* Discord full of funny emote that you can use 

* talk about other games/anime etc let start simping all together 


Contact me for more info and Discord link 

Discord: Kabuto#7200

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