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Which hero should I make 6 star first among these [17]

Hi all,

There were several heroes waiting to be 6* and now I can (I have to). Which one should I choose first?

Brier Witch Iseria, (I love her in every aspect but not excited to make her 6)

Mort, (I just got him and read lots of interesting things about him therefore in my list)

Sigret, (People say it is kinda must for dragon hunt)

Sez, (People say it is kinda must for dragon hunt)

Armin (I love that little thing, I saw a lot of potential in her kit)

Tenebria (I need her for my Abyss 94)

Furious, (They all say good)

Ervalan, (Something in me says "His retaliation ability can be insanely useful")

Clarissa, (I love that crazy chick want to see her potential) 

Falconer Kluri (People keep saying she is amazing but I feel it simple, predictable, and slow)

Iseria (Couldn't discover her power yet)

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    2021.09.04 19:39 (UTC+0)

    I would go briar witch iseria if you like pvp, she can be very useful there.

    I just 6 starred Mort myself and with his recent buffs he's turning out to be really good, especially in the water expedition. 

    Sigret is one of the major players in wyvern hunt so if you're still climbing and need good gear, go for her.

    The others sadly are mostly good for pve but don't get much use elsewhere. Sez is a good farmer though! F Kluri needs good gear, so if she's not working for you then you're not building her right just yet. 

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    2021.09.04 19:47 (UTC+0)

    Sigret is way better than Sez in wyvern

    Armin - no

    Tenebria - I did not use her in F94(I don't remember who I use but it was not her...probably did not use a def break too)

    Furious - he is good for wyvern and he works just fine at lv50

    Ervalan - did not use him even once since I got him

    Clarissa - good but there are better heroes

    F.Kluri - you are probably use her wrong(when she is the only one left alive,it's hard to kill her unless you one shot her because she gets 35 or 85 cr every time she uses s1 and she her s2 heals her by 10% of her max hp and since she is a knight,she may equip Justice for All which will make her even harder to kill)

    From all you listed,I will go with Sigret first

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    2021.09.04 22:45 (UTC+0)

    ...ANYBODY!.... except ervalen... either SG delete him or make ml version that looks like the one on the episode 4 teaser...

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    2021.09.04 23:26 (UTC+0)

    For me, I would strongly suggest this :

    Raise your Sigret to lvl 60 first and she will carry your wyvern runs. This will open a lot of opportunities for you to gear other units with speed set. Leave furious at lvl 50 with 65% eff and fast gear. rest goes to hp for wyvern survivability.

    Raise your iseria to be fast with a lot of effectiveness so you can use her for pve.

    If you have ssb, floor 94 is a joke because she will counter the boss to death.

    once you get sigret running, try to get F.Kluri and Biseria next imo so you can use them for pvp 

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    2021.09.05 01:17 (UTC+0)

    Briseria: basically purely a PVP unit. Good at what she does, but many can fill her place

    Mort: meme unit then, still pretty meme now. A lot more consistent at memeing after buffs, but still a meme

    Sigret: wyvern queen. You build her, you'll be slaying all the wyverns with no problem

    Sez: definitely not a must for wyvern, in fact, very mediocre. Alexa can do the job better than him honestly

    Armin: not really used anywhere 

    Tenebria: good, but not necessary anywhere. Pretty loaded kit, but there's just units that does what she does better 

    Furious: basically just a wyvern core member. Don't need to 6* him, 5* is perfectly fine. 

    Ervalan: can be used to oneshot banshee, but that's about it. His counter is cool and all, but I mean, Violet exists

    Clarissa: poor man's SSB for w13 wave 1 clear

    F.Kluri: very very good in PVP and some PVE areas, but she requires so much investment, I'd say don't prioritize her 

    Iseria: really only used to pair with Tama. And sometimes with D.Corvus in PVP

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    2021.09.05 01:30 (UTC+0)

    Brisaria definitely the rarest unit of them all, but also the most niche. Sigret best overall out of these imo

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    2021.09.05 03:07 (UTC+0)

    Clarissa for easier life if you don't haveVildred or Ml Vildred

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    2021.09.06 18:09 (UTC+0)

    From my personal experience as a day one F2P, gonna tell you Iseria. 

    Sigret I use in Wyvern

    Armin literally helped me in EARLY E7, it was unpossible without her for me at the time. She helped  me clear up to 10 -10, straight to Abyss 70 & a few floors beyond here and there when I got in trouble. Armin is just amazing

    Tene is really good PVP & PVE, but she squishy as hell.

    Clarissa is fun.

    Furious, meh Wyvern.

    Don't have  B.Iseria, Mort, nor Sez.

    I have the rest but never built em.

    If your resources are limited go Iseria.

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