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Help needed for Abyss 102 [5]

Hi, I'm struggling with 102 and need advice.


My team is Kiris, Spectene, Lilias and Tamariinne. All Max level awakened and +15 skilled

kiris use bloodstone, lilias bastion of pelutia, spectene bloody rose, tama touch of rekos. All +30.

I can easily clear 1st stage with cptn rikoris. The Celine stage is the issue. I cannot land my poison stacks.

Kiris at 187 eff, 75 crit chance. Spectene 185 eff 100 crit chance.

llias provoking and spectene stunning is ok as crowd control but the robots can still attack when stunned.

Are there other substats I.should be looking out for? Speed? Is it normal to miss landing stacks on Celine? And robots to attack when stunned?


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    2021.09.04 08:38 (UTC+0)

    it's been 1 year already kekw

    just try hard with kiris stene achates lidica

    thats my team 1 day try

    no more reason to can't do it since they have nerfed it

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    작성자 2021.09.04 09:03 (UTC+0)

    I need tips on how to land the poison stacks on Celine. I watched all the youtuber tips and followed but I dont understand why i can't land the poison. I changed gear around and now 192 and 201 eff for spectene and kiris. Still very random

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    2021.09.04 09:12 (UTC+0)

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    2021.09.04 09:45 (UTC+0)

    Unless you never use Stene's S3, Booody Rose's effect won't activate her S1 Poisons while S3 is on cooldown because by then, it isn't a single target attack.

    Also change your Kiris' Bloodstone to something like Resolute Soldier series. Bloodstone only benefits rangers on pure dps builds and Kiris clearly ain't one lol.

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