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Being able to just send your units to pve grindings without coming in [2]

  • Hansuu
  • 2021.09.03 17:34 (UTC+0)
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As the commander of the game, I should just be able to just send my units into pve battles without coming with them atleast specifically on the grinding contents. Having 100 units on my house but just being able to play and send out 4 units and doing the same thing seeing the red dragon over and over again, It makes just wanna 1 star the game fr. I am just human, not perfect, I can just go to the extremes and 1 star the game (saying in general, reason y the game getting hate, these what ppl do). Sorting out items and equipments is already a taskful, idk but i know for sure for me, its a pain the ass and then i have to come with my units to fight a red dragon while i have to think about items?... dang. I got tests and exams on school bruh, this a GAME,ITS SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME ENJOY AND HAVE FUN AND NOT USE 100% OF MY BRAIN all the time. Its all the time cuss. Count how many equipments with 4 stats and units are in the game and 1000 of possibilities to do with it but still get fuqed by a and op wyverns in pve and meta units in pvp. And having not chill and free tests on items because u have to worry about changing items cuss u need to pay changing equips...... bruh pls. I just want it. To be an actual game. Game = actually fun and comfortable . Trust me. With this thing. IT WILL GIVES US MORE SPACE TO DO. I can finally just enjoy the contents u give, like actually just reading the stories because alot of us just SKIP IT CUSS U KNOW, U MAKE US HURRY AND GET TO THE GRIND OR WE'LL FALL BEHIND. THE story journals in the game CAN FINALLY BE READ BCUSS I AM GLAD THAT I CAN JUST SEND MY UNITS WHILE I CAN JUST ROAM AROUND THE CONTENTS OF THE GAME. Just like the popular game Clash Of clans, u can just start building and leave and them come back oh hey My mortar is here. All your efforts in stories and conetnt can be read and enjoyed with less grind concerns. Or IN GENERAL, JUST LESS CONCERNS AND MORE FREEDOM WITH THE GAME.

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    2021.09.07 15:42 (UTC+0)

    just because you're an ADHD zoomer (and your OP proves without a doubt that you are) doesn't mean this should be turned into a literal AFK game.

    there are tons of actual AFK games. go play one.

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    작성자 2021.09.08 17:16 (UTC+0)

    and just because you’re a 24/7 virgin gamer and can grind and spend most of your time for your fantasy waifus. Doesn’t give you the rights at all to invalidate my suggestions and opinions which what this public suggestion box is for :>

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